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Covenant Creatures Care Center!

Sadly, due to changes in volunteer availability, we are forced to make a difficult decision. CC will no longer provide care on a first come/first served basis at our Companion Care Center. We are also requesting an $8.00 donation at each visit to help defray costs of vaccines and medications.
All care provided at the Companion Care Center is provided by local licensed veterinarians who donate their time to the community. Covenant Creatures provides the venue for them to help you with your pet! Please be considerate to these professionals who generously donate their time and expertise to you! Pet care must fall under one of the four following categories of need: Immunization, Injury, Illness or Infection. Please be aware that we do not do wellness exams or check ups. Things like toenail trims or ear cleanings can be provided to pets who are being seen for other issues [i.e. ear infection, etc.]

Who Do We Help?

Covenant Creatures utilizes the Federal Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines and inflates them by 20% to determine if you are eligible to receive our services. We want to help everyone but resources preclude that, so an organizational decision was to limit services to people who have an income within this range. You can review our Client Income Guidelines by following this link. Link to Income Guidelines


Effective immediately we are scheduling pet vet care over the phone. If you need assistance for basic vetting or vaccines you must call and leave a message at 360-357-6301 to pre-arrange with us a time slot to have your pet seen.

The way this will work: you must call CC no later than Tuesday of the week that we are open [please look below for the weeks we are scheduled to be open].
If we have a opening available for you, you will be called no later than Wednesday.
You will receive instructions at that time.
You must be available on the phone to confirm your appointment. We will not assign you a time slot if we have not spoken with you.
If you have NOT received prior approval [aka - a appointment] from a volunteer, you do NOT HAVE a appointment.

Products will continue to be available each week that we are open. You do not need a appointment to come and get supplies.

Care Center Calendar for 2017

Covenant Creatures is searching for a home. We currently are not opening a Care Center until we have a place to provide that service.

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Covenant Creatures Companion Animal Program
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