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Love A Pit Bull Day ~ 2013!

Covenant Creatures sponsors this event about a special breed of dog. They were known during World War II as the "Nanny Dog" because they were the care takers of children and families across the country while men were at war. The media has portrayed them as violent and dangerous. And a misinformed public is seeing the breed through a bias point of view. This event is to celebrate, educate and help people understand the breed.

Save the Date: Sunday, Oct. 13th, 2013 Location: Thurston County Fairgrounds.

Want to get involved?
If you'd like to participate in organizing this event, call Leanne Johnson at 360-791-6673. Also, if you'd like a poster to put up in a public place, just let us know!

What's happening at the event?
There will be games and prizes, food, fun, vendors! We're excited to be able to do drawings for 10 spay/neuter certificates for qualifying owners! [To qualify, you must meet our financial guidelines]. The first 75 attenders will who bring their dogs with them, will receive a Pit Bull training book [first come, first served] and we're excited to be able to host Good Neighbor Mobile Vet who'll be providing [at owner's cost] microchipping and vaccines! Our team is busily preparing for the big day, so stay posted as participants get registered new things come on board for the day.

Guidelines for Dog Owners
We'd love to meet you and your pawsitively perfect Pit [as well as any other breed who'd like to join in]! To help us have a great day, we're sharing our guidelines for all to see!
- Dog's need to be on a short leash or held no farther than 18" away from you. You cannot control your pet if it's 6' away.
- You will be asked to "yellow flag" your pet under the following conditions are seen: extreme nervousness, unsocialized behavior, high dominance, fear. You may also ask us to flag your dog just because you'd like to have distance between your dog and other pets.
- While all know that most dogs are not aggressive, we do recognize that there may be some that are extremely uncomfortable in a busy setting. Use wisdom and caution in deciding whether to bring your pet.
- Do not bring females that are in heat!
- Please monitor your children and keep them with you at all times.
- Please ask permission to pet or feed treats to another person's pet.
- Monitor your pet's "comfortability" level. If they need a break, take them for a walk outside and away from other pets.

Current Participant List for 2013:
Hosting Organization - Covenant Creatures: Companion Animal Program
Pet Connection Magazine - Sponsoring Business
OlyDog! Studios
Inspirit KnifeWorks
The Barking Farm
The Picky Puppy
Good Neighbor Mobile Vet
Top Dog Canine Day Care
Animal Friends Portraits

Vendors and Presenters
We ask that you register to be part of this event. To obtain the vendor agreement follow the link. Get Vendor Registration!

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Covenant Creatures Companion Animal Program
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