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Love A Pit Bull Day AND the Coast to Coast Bully Walk ~ 2014!

Schedule: 10 am Coast to Coast Bully Walk, 11 am Love a Pit Bull Day.
This event is to celebrate, educate and help people understand the breed.

Save the Date: Saturday, Oct. 11th, 2014 Location: Marathon Park Olympia Washington.

Want to get involved?
If you'd like to participate in organizing this event, leave a message on the Covenant Creatures phone line 360-357-6301. Also, if you'd like a poster to put up in a public place, just let us know!

Who's at the event?
- Covenant Creatures
- stop by and say "hi", we'll have event t-shirts and hoodies for sale.
- Pet Connection Magazine - Your connection for pet information!
- Self-Made Portaits - dress up your 4 leged friend and snap a picture! You'll have a photo memory of your fun day at LAPBD!
- Heather's Pet Salon - Free toenail trims for your canine family.
- MissPits Rescue - Long standing animal welfare for our community! Stop by and thank them for their hard work!
- ZORA the kissing Pit Bull! - Up to a little kiss?
- The Pet Works
- Northwest Spay and Neuter
- Bully Friendly Insurance
- Mud Bay Grainery (Olympia)
- OlyDog Studio
- Good Neighbor Vet (micro chipping)

- 6 Legged Agility Race
- Rip Van Winkle Sleep Off
- Dunking For Hot Dogs
- Obedience Baseball
- Got Rhythm Musical Sit
- Quicker Licker
Schedule for games - TBD

Guidelines or Rules for Dog Owners
We'd love to meet you and your pawsitively perfect Pit [as well as any other breed who'd like to join in]!
To help us have a great day, we're sharing our guidelines for all to see!
- Less social dogs must wear a yellow ribbon or bandana/kerchief; this is for their comfort!
- Dogs must be leashed and kept within one foot (1 foot) of the handler and cannot be left of tied alone.
- Handlers cannot be children.
- Enter at your own risk - you may get licked to death!
- Be aware if someone is uncomfortable around your dog, if you don't know please ask them.
- Aggression and/or lack of handler control will solicit a request to remove your dog from the event.
- No dogs in heat please.

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Phone: 360.357.6301

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