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Covenant Creatures Care Center!

What Makes Covenant Creatures Different?

Covenant Creatures does not foster, rescue, shelter or rehab animals. We provide food and supplies to people in need, did you know we are on the street doing this again? There are other places that do the same, so why is Covenant Creatures different and why should you care?
There maybe some things about Covenant Creatures you don't know. Some of the out reaches people are receiving food and supplies from, Covenant Creatures supplies them with the food and supplies that they hand out.
In the background we aide people through other out reaches. Also people contact Covenant Creatures for help with vet bills, visits, and medications. We help as much as we can, but as you may know it is very expensive, but we do help.

Now, what makes Covenant Creatures different from other out reaches? Covenant Creatures has a Care Center. But what's a care center you may ask? It is where volunteer veterinarians and vet technicians offer their time and expertise in a setting to aide pets, all kind of pets, with basic vet care and vaccinations. We have not been able to have the Care Center open for months due to the loss of our facility. As a response our board is pursuing a more permanent solution. We are working towards a Mobile Care Center (MCC). We need funding to aquire and maintain this endevor. Please click on the link below to see the letter that was sent out to further explain our need.

Letter for Mobile Vet

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